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We have you covered for both residential and commercial disaster emergencies including air duct cleaning in Manchester, Nashua, Lowell 24/7, 365 days a year! Call now and rest easy knowing the situation is well at hand.

We Service The Greater Nashua and Manchester NH Areas as Well as the Lowell MA area and surrounding towns

Air duct cleaning in Manchester NH should be performed by New Hampshire duct cleaning professionals as these services address your most critical HVAC systems and mean so much to your health

We provide duct cleaning services to the following New Hampshire Cities and Surrounding Towns: Manchester, Goffstown, Bedford, Merrimack, Londonderry, Derry, Chester, Auburn, Candia, Hooksett, South Hooksett, Nashua, Lowell

Duct cleaning, or more specifically air duct cleaning should be considered for not only situations where your NH home or business has a suspected indoor air quality issue, but also as routine maintenance to mitigate any chances of having one in the future, in New Hampshire that means a call to NE Disaster Solutions, your local duct cleaning company providing scheduled or emergency duct cleaning and inspection

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When Looking for Air Duct Cleaning Companies in Manchester New Hampshire Choose Your Contractor Wisely!

When searching online for duct cleaning services in NH, well anywhere for that matter, you need to make sure you choose your service provider wisely. At first glance, most of the air duct cleaning companies out there might look suitable to clean your air ducts, but think again, and look closely. Your HVAC system is one of the most critical systems when it comes to long term health considerations, so shouldn’t you trust a professional company to perform those services? We agree! If you look closely at many of the companies you will find online, you will see that they are in fact not certified air duct cleaning companies with the proper training, and that they only simply perform duct cleaning services and the like. Aside of generalized knowledge these companies don’t possess the necessary skills and training to ensure they don’t do more damage than they fix.

When Hiring a Duct Cleaning Company in Manchester NH for your Home or Business Make Sure They Follow Certified Duct Cleaning and Inspection Protocols When Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Not only do you need to hire a contractor that has legitimate training and experience, but you need to ensure they follow industry standards when it comes to the inspection, cleaning, and restoration of your air ducts. We adhere NADCA standards, the global standard for the cleaning, inspection and restoration of both residential and commercial air ducts. When you combine the experience of professional HVAC technicians and the industry standard for processes you have a winning combination that ensures your ducts will be inspected and cleaned to a high standard with minimal risk to your critical HVAC mechanical systems.

NE Disaster Solutions Your Manchester NH Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Company

When we provide air duct cleaning throughout NH we clean the entire HVAC air duct system, We also perform a full inspection to make sure all of the ducting is still in good serviceable health with no gaps or leaks where contaminates can enter your system post clean and restoration.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Manchester New Hampshire | Commercial Duct Cleaning for Manchester NH Commercial Properties of All Types

Nowhere is it more imperative to hire professional Manchester NH HVAC duct cleaning contractors to perform your commercial duct cleaning than when it comes to commercial businesses. When you run a business that employs people, and often services the public in your facility, you have the added responsibility to provide and maintain a healthy work environment. Not only is it in your best interest to provide that environment, it’s also in your best interest because even small contaminations can cause ongoing allergies, asthma, and lots of lost time from work due to illnesses. Lost employee time is one of the largest factors leading to lower worker productivity than any other. Ensure the safety of patrons and employees alike and hire a professional duct cleaning company that adheres to duct cleaning and inspection standards.

Some of the facilities we perform air duct cleaning and inspections services;

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail Locations
  • Office Buildings
  • Public Buildings
  • & More

In addition to the health issues that can arise from contaminated air ducts, you need to hire the right duct cleaning company for your commercial business because your HVAC systems can be much more complex than residential systems, with advanced controls and very expensive systems. Commercial HVAC repair from a poorly executed air duct cleaning service can cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

If You Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned at Your Manchester New Hampshire Property Call the Manchester NH Air Duct Cleaning Specialists at NE Disaster Solutions.

When it comes time to clean those ducts rest easy knowing that NE Disaster Solutions is on the job. Professional well trained service technicians, reasonable rates, expedited turn around, and the peace of mind you get when you hire an professional duct cleaning company to handle your air duct cleaning that adheres to standards of work.

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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Commercial water damage repair, restoration, remediation, cleanup and dryout for hotels, restaurants, resorts, schools, office buildings, retail stores, nursing homes, municipal buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums, industrial manufacturing, churches, and more!

“I highly recommend Brian and his remediation team for remediation of water damage. Top-notch A+ Brian was extremely responsive and helpful navigating the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies. Five stars for the remediation team. I would recommend this team. I gave the company four stars because I encountered issues with the reconstruction team. I would not recommend that particular restoration team. In all fairness, I do realize how difficult hiring qualified people these days is.”


Why NE Disaster Solutions

  • Fully Insured
  • IICRC Certified
  • Workmanship Guarantee
  • Staff Background Checks
  • Train and Retain Programs
  • Personalized Service

Let NE Disaster Solutions Help Guide You Through The Complex Process Of Your Insurance Claim Submittal.

"I hired NE Disaster Solutions to clean our carpets and upholstery. Brian worked so hard making our furniture and carpets look like new. So impressed. Will only use NE Disaster Solutions from now on. I really like how they had the proper cleaning and equipment. I know their service will make our home healthier as we have small children . They also provide exceotional service to our clients for air duct cleaning mold remediaiton and disinfecting. Great job!"


Understanding Water Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to commercial water damage, residential water damage, including damage from storms and flooding, NE Disaster Solutions has you covered. With each event, man made or natural, there are specific skillsets needed and concerns to be considered, everything from coverage entitlements, to business downtime, to the health of everyone involved, you need a company with experience by your side to ensure a favorable outcome, after all it’s not just about fixing the damage, it’s about putting all of the pieces of your business or life back together as quickly as possible.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Commercial Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Water damage restoration and repair for commercial properties can quickly become complex projects with many stages, all requiring expert work and attention to detail. Our expert team of restoration and repair specialists are standing by to tackle any size water restoration project from multi-family dwellings to multi-story office buildings to restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. You can count on us to get the job done as quickly as possible while also maintaining a high quality of work to restore your commercial building and get your business back on track.

Residential Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Residential Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Water damage to your home effects your biggest investment and disrupts your life. At NE Disaster Solutions we’re always ready to respond, assess, clean, repair and restore your property to its original state. Our skilled team has years of experience and the industry certifications to backup our services, and when you work with us you can rest assured the project will be done right, and on time. We’ll even work with your insurance to make sure your home is put back to the way it was. Call today for more information!

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration and Repair

Storms can sometimes strike quickly and violently and often leave flooding and damage in their wake. Quick water damage repair and restoration can be required to fix your property before mold and structural damage occur. At NE Disaster Solutions we can solve your storm damage problem from start to finish including emergency board up, water extraction, water cleanup, dryout, and finally restoration of the property to its original condition.

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration

Like storms, floods can be a hazard in NH and can cause significant damage to properties of all types. If a flood strikes, the professionals at NE Disaster Solutions are ready to respond to your situation. We have the equipment and expertise to dry, clean and repair your property quickly and correctly. Don’t wait, floodwaters can carry dangerous pathogens and can cause dangerous structural damage to your property. Call us today and get the ball rolling on your restoration and repair.